Thursday, 19 February 2009

Salmon, Leek & Tarragon Papillote

The finished result - we ate it so fast I didn't have time to take a picture! Here is the empty bag as evidence of the feasting... I thought this was a gorgeous meal, really simple but the paper packages make it seem fancy somehow, like some effort has gone into it and even my fish-hating fella liked it a lot. Will make this again, definately.

Never made these before so not sure how they're going to turn out! Had some salmon and creme fraiche left over and managed to find this recipe on the BBC website so giving it a bash. Salmon, leek, petite pois, creme fraiche and tarragon all wrapped up together in a tasty little package. I've topped each fillet with about a ton creme fraiche coz I love it, so have pretty much destroyed the healthy eating part of this dish, but who cares? I love the look of them even before cooking, so I really hope they taste as good cooked... will update after dinner. Here is the recipe if you want to have a go -

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