Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Poppy Seed Challah

I haven't made challah for years but I felt the urge to do so today. I love this bread, and i'm very grateful to my nan for introducing me to it as otherwise I might not have tried it! It isn't the easiest bread to find in Twickenham, and i've only ever seen it sold in Waitrose. I'm sure there are millions of places to get it up in London but I haven't got a clue if there are any Jewish foodstores near me, so i'll carry on making it myself! I love the sweetness the honey gives it, and I especially like it spread with cold butter and apricot jam...


  1. ohh so yummy thankx for the add looking forward to blogging with you

  2. okay, am actually in love with this bread.
    i might have to pay you to bake me some.