Monday, 23 February 2009

Granola aplenty!

I don't normally eat breakfast which is very bad for me as by mid morning I am ready to eat lunch, so decided last week to force myself to eat something before I leave the house. So the time seemed right to try out this granola recipe i've had my eye on for a while, courtesy of Nigella Lawson's Feast. The recipe makes a huge amount of it which is great as I now have enough for the next few weeks of breakfasts! Have got into the habit now of having a bowl before work and I can't get enough of it's crunchy, munchy, nutty goodness, and the added benefit of feeling all pure and healthy and slightly smug for making my own brekkie cereal!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Salmon, Leek & Tarragon Papillote

The finished result - we ate it so fast I didn't have time to take a picture! Here is the empty bag as evidence of the feasting... I thought this was a gorgeous meal, really simple but the paper packages make it seem fancy somehow, like some effort has gone into it and even my fish-hating fella liked it a lot. Will make this again, definately.

Never made these before so not sure how they're going to turn out! Had some salmon and creme fraiche left over and managed to find this recipe on the BBC website so giving it a bash. Salmon, leek, petite pois, creme fraiche and tarragon all wrapped up together in a tasty little package. I've topped each fillet with about a ton creme fraiche coz I love it, so have pretty much destroyed the healthy eating part of this dish, but who cares? I love the look of them even before cooking, so I really hope they taste as good cooked... will update after dinner. Here is the recipe if you want to have a go -

Butternut Squash Soup from Come Dine With Me!

Stole this recipe from Paul Ross' Come Dine With Me menu, and am a bit in love with it. It's the healthiest thing i've made in a long time and tastes really thick and creamy even though it's made up of nothing but chopped veg and stock! Forgot to take a pic of the blended soup so you'll have to make it yourselves to see how it turns out -

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies Overload!

Had the day off today and had one hell of a sugar craving this afternoon so decided to throw these together - even though they were really easy and quick I still almost gnawed my own arm off while waiting for them to bake - what is wrong with me?? They are really nubbly (?) with big lumps of white and milk choc and plenty of luvverly pecans too. Have been eating them all afternoon and think I should probably give it a rest now before I blow up.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Poppy Seed Challah

I haven't made challah for years but I felt the urge to do so today. I love this bread, and i'm very grateful to my nan for introducing me to it as otherwise I might not have tried it! It isn't the easiest bread to find in Twickenham, and i've only ever seen it sold in Waitrose. I'm sure there are millions of places to get it up in London but I haven't got a clue if there are any Jewish foodstores near me, so i'll carry on making it myself! I love the sweetness the honey gives it, and I especially like it spread with cold butter and apricot jam...


We had a great day of snow yesterday, the first real snow I remember for years and years. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to miss work because of it, and managed to fall over an amazing 4 times during the 10 minute walk to and from work! Think I have seriously damaged my buttocks as a result...