Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Lunch, not a roast in sight...

Had people over for lunch today so dragged myself out of bed early to start cooking, complete with shocking hangover caused by only 3 pints of cider! What has happened to my booze tolerance?? Anyway, managed to get going and just about got it all done in time!

Feta and parsley cigars - I could eat these all day but managed to restrain myself and wait until serving them... also have lots of leftover filo pastry so can make them again this week! Hoorah!

Thank you Diana Henry - Georgian Aubergine salad - griddled aubergine with coriander, greek yoghurt, pomegranate seeds, walnuts and enough garlic to destroy your social life for a week!

And potato salad with dill, red onion and gherkins.

We finished with Lemon Posset, which I will also be eating all week as I made enough for about 20 people! Hooray again! Bang goes the diet for another week - some things are much more important than being slim, lemon posset being a fine example...

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